Jodi Drysdale

Owner/lead planner

What Jodi says about Jodi: I value my family, sunny days, people, tulips, Jesus and churros AND weddings. 

What the Team says about Jodi: She is relational, organized, friendly, genuine, fun, professional, detail focused, calm under pressure, and a great leader.

With over 175 weddings/events under her belt, Jodi has a proven track record with clients AND vendors.  Her focus on serving those around her has helped her bring together a team that aims to not only meet their clients expectations, but exceed them. 


Jordan Coffey

Associate planner/coordinator

What Jordan says about Jordan: I am a night owl, coffee-loving, craft-making, food-creating, party-hosting, mother of three.

What the Team says about Jordan: She is caring, professional, creative, hardworking, stylish, and a problem solver.

What Jodi says about Jordan: So, kinda fun when you get to hire your friend…and even better…when your friend is a SUPER talented, client focused, rock star event coordinator.  Jordan’s background in marketing and customer service, helps her think quickly on her feet and make things happen.  I am grateful for her humor and ‘can do’ attitude. 


Alisha Rouland

Associate planner/coordinator

What Alisha says about Alisha: I love my family, spending the day on the lake, iced coffees, margaritas, and laughing.

What the Team says about Alisha: She is kind, approachable, thorough, calm, thoughtful, friendly, smart, detail oriented and funny!

What Jodi says about Alisha: Alisha has been a HUGE part of the CES Team since she came on board in 2013.  With her experience in non-profit event management and community organizing, Alisha’s focus on details reassures our clients that their event is in the right hands.  I am grateful for Alisha’s leadership, attitude of service and heart for our clients.


Ashley Carranza

Assistant Coordinator

What Ashley says about Ashley: I love to play in my garden, take my basset hound to the park, and enjoy a home cooked meal with my family and friends.

What the Team says about Ashley: She is friendly, upbeat, encouraging, detail oriented, hardworking and quick on her feet.

What Jodi says about Ashley: What a joy it has been to watch Ashley grow from one of the most organized brides we’ve ever worked with, to one of the cornerstones of our team.  As a seasoned veteran of the hospitality and food service industry, Ashley’s experience has helped us expand our services to meet our client’s growing needs.